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With more than 100 different types of stainless steel, it is not always easy to keep the overview and select the right material. First of all, stainless steels are divided into three groups with different advantages and disadvantages: austenitic, ferritic and martensitic. 

Ferritic stainless steels have only moderate corrosion resistance and cannot be hardened by heat treatment, but they are cold formable. They are also highly magnetic.

Martensitic stainless steels are particularly strong because they can be hardened by heat treatment. However, most martensitic steel grades cannot be welded and are only suitable for mild corrosion conditions.

table austenitic
Austenitic stainless steels are the most common and have the widest range of applications. They are characterized by their comparatively high corrosion resistance. The austenitic stainless steel group also has various classifications. Our example illustrates how you can identify the steel groups and the strength classes using the four-digit sequence of letters and numbers.

Common austenitic steels and their chemical composition:

Common austenitic steels and their chemical composition

*Product recommendations

Chain short-link 8240


Similar to DIN 766,
A4L and Duplex D6, 
1 m, Ø 6 to 16 mm
Made in Germany 

Countersunk head tapping screws, six lobe drive 14586446239

Countersunk head 
tapping screws, 
six lobe drive

ISO 14586 1.4462 C 3.9X19 TX15 Duplex D6 - AISI 318LN
In different sizes

Stainless steel tube, welded, bendable 8292

Stainless steel tube, 
welded, bendable

A2 and A4
In different sizes

Angler on a boat
Novelties from our MT-series

for boat, yacht, and ship

… … when there is a really fat fish on the hook!

Our latest catch for all anglers and sailors: The back box lock with strike plate and a lockable fishing rod holder. The two new additions to our in-house series withstand even the strongest loads. MT - that means highest quality and optimal functionality.

**Product recommendations from the MT-series

Lock cyclinder with strike plate 815070456

Lock cyclinder 
with strike plate

Stainless steel A4 -
AISI 316
56 mm

Fishing rod storage rack lockable 815062

Fishing rod 
storage rack lockable

A4/Plastic 2 parts, 
internal diameter 39mm

MT Series

**The MT-series

For our own brand, we have articles manufactured according to our own design and quality specifications. These are characterized by a high quality standard and optimal functionality in use. You will find all MT articles in our index (PDF, 24 MB) - marked with our logo.
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In our webshop there are positions "On request". However, this does not mean that these products are not available. It may mean that the item is in supply or is in our in-house quality testing. To help you plan better, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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