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What you should consider when buying stainless steel products
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the quality of stainless steel products can be measured by various criteria. Depending on the article and area of application, dimensions accurate to the millimeter, breaking loads, and corrosion and acid resistance are decisive. Processing and material composition play a decisive role here. If the alloy contains a minimum of 16% chromium, it is defined as having good corrosion resistance. This chromium content forms a colorless, transparent oxide layer on the surface, which closes automatically after damage with the help of the oxygen contained in the air or water. The resistance to acids is given to steel by the addition of nickel. The level of breaking load is also based on the material composition and can be optimized by processing according to the alloy. 

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To ensure that the material composition, dimensions and breaking loads are correct

Our products are subject to constant quality control, starting with production. We work only with selected suppliers who produce according to our standards. The metal composition is batch tested by X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) for each delivery to our warehouse. In addition to material analysis, products are subjected to visual inspection and dimensional control. To guarantee compliance with the breaking loads confirmed by us, these products are tested by a materials testing laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The materials are tested under extreme conditions using tensile tests, hardness tests and metallographic examinations.
That nothing is missing for your customers
Our all-round carefree sets*

If you install tube or wire rope, the right components for assembly are indispensable. To avoid the purchase of unsuitable parts and to ensure the availability of required items, it makes sense to offer corresponding products in a package/set.
Based on our years of sales experience, we know what belongs together.  
Of course, our colleagues will also be happy to help you put together the right products for your projects or your customer.

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*Product recommendations:

Wire rope set 81497944

Wire rope set

A4/ Set sizes S, M, L, XL
Ø 4 mm

Wire rope set 81497943

Wire rope set

A4/ Set size S, M, L, XL
Ø 3 mm

Wire rope set 81497942

Wire rope set

A4/ Set size S, M, L, XL
Ø 2 mm

Guardrail set for self mounting 8475477

Guardrail set for self mounting

A4/ incl. mounting parts,
wire rope coated (10 m)

Sprayhood rail holder set 814589425

Sprayhood rail holder set

A4 for tube 25 mm

And the Groundplate? Right there!*

Ceiling and wall mountings are required for a wide variety of constructions and often have to hold heavy loads. Within our own brand, the MT series, we have developed products that combine suspension systems with matching groundplates – for maximum stability.
Our MT series are products / product groups that are manufactured according to our design and quality specifications and complement our range.

Ideal for fastening, for example, swings, hanging chairs, various recreational and sports equipment and much more: 

*Product recommendations MT-series:

Groundplate with eye nut 815053408

with eye nut

A4/ 8 mm

Groundplate D-shackle 815054408


A4/ 8 mm

Groundplate with strap 815063

with strap

A4/ different sizes

Groundplate with swivel shackle 815052408

Groundplate with
swivel shackle

A4/PA 8 mm


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