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Blocks „made in Germany“

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Blocks and pulleys are used in various fields. They are a must for sailing ships, but are also suitable for security sectors, home, garden and many other industrial uses. When choosing the right block, the type of bearing plays an essential role. While the ball bearing is particularly suitable for light fieren, the choice falls better on the sliding bearing for standing loads. If everything shall run smoothly even at extremely high loads, the needle bearing is suitable.

The various bearings compared

Bearing comparison

Perfect matching of all components

The blocks from Sprenger impress with a material combination of stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced, UV-resistant plastic. The edge-free, curved side part ensures ideal rope guidance. The form-stable, continuous stainless steel pocket provides safety and stability.

Sprenger mini block

We offer blocks in various sizes and variants. The matching slides and genoa rails are also available directly from stock!

*Product recommendations:

Sprenger super miniblock with slide bearing 8146082

Sprenger super miniblock with slide bearing 8146082

A2/ Plastic
Rope 4 - 10 mm

Sprenger micro XS block with ball bearing 8146092

Sprenger micro XS block with ball
bearing 8146092

A2/ Plastic
Rope max. 6 mm

Sprenger block 6mm with slide bearing 814610

Sprenger block 6mm
with slide
bearing 814610

A2/ Plastic

Sprenger block 8mm with ball bearing 814613

Sprenger block 8mm
with ball
bearing 814613

A2/ Plastic
3 Rolls

Sprenger cheek block with slide bearing 814889

Sprenger cheek block
with slide
bearing 814889

A2/ Plastic
For rope 8 mm

Sprenger genua track rail 814624

Sprenger genua track rail 814624

20 x 3 mm

Marinetech display unit
Mixed reality for your perfectly designed point of sale

View your new sales wall before it is installed

You want to equip your shop area with blistered stainless steel products, but you don't know whether a sales wall fits into your concept and where it will have the best effect?
We will show you! Take a look at our products in your store from all perspectives before you buy it. Mixed reality makes it possible: The products are displayed on the spot via glasses and placed where you want them. In addition, the view from the glasses is displayed on a tablet. In this way, different concepts can be stored and compared with each other later. The product design is adjusted in advance so that the virtual representation reflects the real end result.

NEW! By the way, we have a new display stand in out portfolio
Prevent galvanic corrosion

"Galvanic corrosion" or "contact corrosion" describes a chemical process that occurs when two dissimilar metals are bonded and have contact with an electrolyte such as water or moisture. Ions flow from the less noble material, which acts as the anode, toward the more noble material, which acts as the cathode. As a result, the lower-grade metal dissolves over time and corrosion occurs.

With our TIKAL TEF-GEL you create a separating layer that stops the chemical reaction. The waterproof paste is based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is known to be highly unreactive. This resistance also makes TIKAL TEF-GEL suitable as a seawater-resistant lubricant and can be used as a sealant to prevent water penetration.

Examples of application areas:
  • Boat industry
  • automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • offshore
  • Outdoor constructions of any kind
Problem: Corrosion; Solution: Tef-Gel
TIKAL TEF-GEL is not harmful to health and has no danger labels.

*Product recommendations:

Tikal Tef-Gel 81485510

Tikal Tef-Gel

10 g

Tikal Tef-Gel 81485560

Tikal Tef-Gel

60 g

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