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Never a screw loose again

Wedge lock washers

Avoid a loose screw connection becoming a risk

HEICO-LOCK® Keilsicherungsscheiben

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Whether in the navy, in plant construction, in architecture or in the hobby sector - safety-relevant screw connections must deliver what they promise!

Frequently, shocks and vibrations put them to the test. As a result, the bolted connections may gradually loosen automatically. If the design conditions only allow a short clamping length of the bolts, this additionally increases the risk of the bolted connections loosening due to the constant dynamic loads. With increasing loss of pretensioning force, the probability increases that the bolted connection will loosen completely.

The HEICO-LOCK® wedge lock washers counteract this: Unlike other screw locking elements which are based on friction, the wedge locking principle is based on maintaining the pretensioning force.

HEICO-LOCK® Keilsicherungsscheiben

HEICO-LOCK® Keilsicherungsscheiben

HEICO-LOCK® Keilsicherungsscheiben

The wedge lock washers consist of two individual washers that are connected to each other in pairs. On the respective outer sides of the pair of washers there are radial ribs which impress themselves positively into the component surface and into the head rests of the bolt or nut when the bolt connection is pretensioned.
On the inside of the pair of wedge lock washers there are wedge surfaces facing each other, which effectively prevent the screw from loosening automatically due to their wedge surface angle, which is always greater than the pitch angle of the screw thread. After tightening the screw connection, system movements are only possible between the internal wedge surfaces. The pre-tensioning force is maintained and thus permanently prevents the screw from loosening automatically due to vibrations and dynamic loads.

*Our current product recommendations on the topic:

Keilsicherungsscheiben schmal 814856

Wedge lock washers

Stainless steel 1.4547,
available in different sizes

Keilsicherungsscheiben breit 814857

Wedge lock washers

Stainless steel 1.4547,
available in different sizes

We also carry all common metric DIN and standard screws in our range.
Equipped for the vacation season
Various statistics show it: the number of new registrations for mobile homes in Europe has risen sharply since 2019. The trend is to spend holidays in one's own or neighbouring countries. Nature is preferred to city breaks.

*Our product recommendations for camping, active and boating holidays:

Sportflasche 814842

Sport bottle

Stainless steel,
with alu spring hook, 0,75 l.

Capuccino Becher 8941

Cappuccino cup

Stainless steel,
mirror polished, double walled, 0,3 l.

Alu-Karabinerhaken 814960

Alu spring hook

with key rings, 76 x 45 mm,
available in different colours.


Ground anchor

Stainless steel A2,
360 mm.

Eimer 8942


Stainless steel,
mirror polished,
10 l and 6 l.


Marine padlock

Stainless steel A2/ Brass chromed, incl. 2 keys
available in different sizes


Key charm

floating cork ball

ResQ-plast 814974


Cotton/PP/ Elasthan
breathable plaster
available in different sizes

Klappmesser 814948


stainless steel A2, with alu handle 175 mm.

*Do to our large warehouse, we keep the availability of our products high, so you can realize your project even at short notice!

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We are also expanding our range in 2022. You can look forward to our new products around the topic of wire ropes and the growth in the carabiner and shackle families. To ensure that everything "klaps" well, our selection of hinges will be even larger in the future. In addition, anglers will get their money's worth and there is also something for the sun worshippers among the boaters.

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