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Stainless steel fasteners for commercial use

How to show the rust your strength:

Stainless steel with class

… tough in the long run – but only if the application is right!
Corrosion protection classes

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„Which material, which stainless steel is the “right one”?“ The decisive factors are the place of application and the use. The corresponding material properties are strictly defined in corrosion classes.

So that you arealways on the safe side: You will find a small overview here:

A2 AISI-304

Corrosion protection class CRC II = low corrosion resistance
  • resistant to freshwater and
  • conditionally resistant to saltwater and seawater
Main areas of application:
outdoors e.g. for wood screw connections.

A4 AISI-316 /


Corrosion protection class CRC III = medium corrosion resistance
  • resistant to freshwater and
  • resistant to saltwater and seawater
Main areas of application:
in coastal areas, outdoors, the food industry and in ship building and boat building.

Duplex D6

Corrosion protection class CRC VI = high corrosion resistance

Main areas of application:
  • with aggressive media (e.g. salt and chlorine)
  • with high safety standards (e.g. in tunnel construction, swimming pools and leisure pools)
  • under extreme stress (e.g. chains for lifting purposes)
These are only the three most important and most commonly used materials. You can find a lot more about screws, stainless steel materials, corrosion protection classes and care instructions on the Marinetech MT-FastenerFinder > or in our technical information >.

Our current product recommendations on the subject*

AISI-316-L Stainless steel tube No 8292

Stainless steel tube
No 8292

welded, bendable
Versions: 19-30 mm Ø,
1,5-2,0 mm strenght,
1,5-7 m length


Duplex Screws No 14585

Duplex Screws
No 14585

Duplex D6 ISO 14585 and ISO 14586,
different versions

Chain short-link No 8240

Chain short-link
No 8240

Duplex D6
similar to DIN 766
Length available on request.
Made in Germany.

Hinges from Marinetech withstand all demands
Hinges for all cases

Everyone needs hinges. At some point! It's good if you then find the right one; whether for a special machine, a ship's door, a "completely normal" cabinet door, for the garden gate or for the rabbit hutch. Our range of rustproof stainless steel hinges is as diverse as the possible uses. Over 110 different designs are part of our standard range. For screwing or welding, in A2-AISI-304 or A4-AISI-316, large and heavy or small and light, with automatic holding device and with cover ...

Our tip: Just take a look at our shop
Or take a look at our catalogue on pages 184 to 212

Our current product recommendations on the subject*

Hinge No 814940438 38

No 814940438 38

2-part for screwing,
38 x 38 mm, strength: 2 mm

Weld-on hinge No 8147542118

Weld-on hinge
No 8147542118

3-part with long leaves,
118 x 87 mm,
strength: 2 mm

Holding hinge No 81492441046 45

Holding hinge
No 81492441046 45

with automatic hold,
A4-AISI-316, 104,6 x 45 mm


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*We try, through our large logistics warehouse, to keep availability high even in these times. So that you can implement your project at short notice!
Papier statt Kunststoff
By the way:
Marinetech has switched shipping to environmentally friendly materials!

Paper instead of plastic

Marinetech’s parcels are now largely made without plastic.
The bubble wrap has given way to grey recycled paper, which protects the items just as well against shocks and breakage - but much more sustainably. In future, we will
replace the conventional PP adhesive tape with recycled paper adhesive tape, which, like the cardboard boxes and the transport protection paper, is certified with "The
German Ecolabel | Blue Angel". The cardboard boxes have also become more stable so that our products can travel even the longest distance in perfect condition. A plus also for our employees: The changeover to an automatic cardboard box and the simultaneous reduction of box sizes go hand in hand with a great reduction in workload. Last but not least: We source our packaging material regionally as far as possible, i.e. procurement is simple and fast and long transport routes are avoided.

Our employees are there for you.

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